Métis Disabilities Support Program (MDSP)

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  • To provide Métis persons with disabilities the support necessary to successfully complete training, and/or to prepare for, secure, or maintain employment.
  • To provide the necessary supports to ensure that Métis persons with disabilities are able to participate in training and employment. This might include required equipment, special needs devices, tutoring, transportation, fees associated with assessments, etc.

Eligible Clients

  • Métis clients who have a disability

Eligible Delivery Agents

  • N/A


  • Clients must access program through the MNO intake and assessment process.
  • This may include the purchase of a voice activated computer, specialized furniture, or other personal or physical supports as recommended by a qualified assessor.
  • Evidence of a recommendation from a qualified assessor is required.
  • MDSP for individual clients can be combined with other training programs following that program criteria.


  • Maximum length of training is 1 year (52 weeks)


  • EI and CRF

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