Métis Training Purchase (MTP)


  • To purchase appropriate training from various accredited training institutions and organizations for individuals and/or groups.
  • Programs must be directly linked to enhancing the client’s employment marketability.

Eligible Clients

  • Métis clients whether unemployed, under-employed and/or clients whose employment is at risk due to labour market changes, insufficient employment skills or certification.

Eligible Delivery Agents

  • Recognized training Institutions, private Training Institutions and/or delivery agents recognized by industry.


  • Training must relate directly to employment goals and must meet the needs of both the client and the industry or labour market.
  • Clients must access training through the MNO intake and assessment process.
  • Training costs will correspond to funding availability and must demonstrate cost effectiveness. This may include tuition, textbooks and related supplies, special equipment where necessary, lab/exam and certification fees, incremental transportation and childcare expenses, and living expenses according to the negotiated financial assistance policies.
  • Capital assets are not eligible expenses.


  • Up to a maximum of 1 year unless part of an approved multiple intervention return to work action plan.

  • A two-year diploma program is eligible for funding; however funding can only be committed one year at a time. The second year is dependent on budget availability, RAC approval and client commitment.

  • Some circumstances may warrant training that is longer than a 2 year time frame due to identified disabilities.


  • EI and CRF

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