Métis Youth Program (MYP)


  • Métis Youth Program (MYP) is designed to provide support to unemployed youth between the ages of 15 and 30 through a number of program options, available through individual client purchase or as community-based programming. Assistance can be provided through:

Internship Program: to support internships with employers that provide youth with skill enhancement, work experience and entrepreneurial assistance to help them make a successful transition into the labour market.
Community Service Program: to support the development of work opportunities for youth who face barriers to finding employment through participation in community service projects. The aim is to help young people develop the life skills and work experiences necessary to enter the labour market.
Labour Market Information Program: to support activities that provide youth with labour market information they need to make decisions about their education and careers.

Eligible Clients

  • Participants must be Métis between 15 – 30 years of age. Participants must normally be out of school, with a focus on high school graduates.
  • MYP gives Métis youth more opportunities to explore and secure jobs in emerging/growth industries, which provide them with the skills required to support Canada's economic growth and successfully begin their careers/working lives.
  • MYP is based on the development of partnerships between private sector, education and training providers, communities, all levels of government and Métis youth themselves.
  • MYP fosters a variety of school-to-work transition models, which provide a combination of appropriate on-the-job and in-class training. This training will address both job-specific and basic employability skills. To the greatest possible extent, it will be established in terms of competency-based, occupational standards.

Eligible Delivery Agents

  • Métis Community Councils
  • For-profit organizations, including partnerships and sole proprietorships
  • Self-employed persons
  • Aboriginal organizations
  • Government institutions
  • Non-profit groups


  • Training must relate directly to employment goals and must meet the needs of both the client and the industry or labour market.
  • Clients must access training through the MNO intake and assessment process.
  • Participants receive allowances based on the prevailing wage rate for that kind of work in that particular location.
  • Sponsor/Employer must submit a complete project proposal.
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (Workers’ Compensation or equivalent) insurance coverage must be provided by the employer for participants in accordance with, and where required by provincial regulations.
  • Sponsor/Employer must possess the appropriate qualifications and expertise to develop, implement and manage the project.
  • MYP clients shall not displace or replace existing employees or volunteers, employees on layoff, employees absent due to a labour management dispute, employees on vacation or interfere with a collective agreement;


  • Contracts will be funded up to a maximum of length of 1 year (52 weeks).


  • EI and CRF

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