Algonquin College

Tomas Lucas

Tomas Lucas (2)Tomas Lucas is going into his second year of study in the field of Heritage Carpentry and Joinery at Algonquin College's Heritage Institution in quaint town Perth Ontario. Tomas is a strong believer in upholding tradition and learning history. He hopes to show Metis students all the excellent Services they have available through the Metis Nation of Ontario and would love to expand both the Metis community and Infinite Reach Program at Algonquin College. Tomas enjoys Indigenous Artwork and expresses himself through traditional carving and painting as well as the historic Metis craft of finger weaving and ancestral jigging. He really got to experience the traditional way of life this summer through this year’s canoe expedition and is excited to share his knowledge and experience on Metis culture, history and tradition with his College and Community. Feel free to contact me at:


Updated on: November 7, 2017