Carleton University

Alexandra Freedman

Alexandra Freedman (1)Hi my name is Ally. I am a sixth-generation young Metis women with roots dating back to 1812 in Red River (Manitoba); present day Winnipeg. I am a fourth year student at Carleton studying Policial Science with a concentration in International Relations. I’m a pop culture junkie and keep up with the Kardashians way more than I should. I am so happy to be an Infinite Reach Facilitator this year. If you want to talk to me more about anything from Metis issues to the latest celebrity gossip message me anytime at:


Sheila Grantham

Sheila Grantham (2)Sheila Grantham is a Ph. D. student at Caleton within the school of Indigenous and Canadian studies. Sheila’s Metis family is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, but she has grown up in Ontario. Sheila used to work for the MNO, and is currently focussing on her Ph. D. research on Metis education and student experiences in Post-Secondary. Please contact


Updated on: November 7, 2017