Sault College

Jessica Mageau

Jessica Mageau (2)Hi! my name is Jessica Mageau! My Metis roots go way back, as I am a seventh generation Metis woman, and my great-grandfather was one of the founding fathers of the Metis Nation of Ontario. I am a first year second year student (I also took a year of environmental science prior to 2017) in the Police foundations program at Sault College. Some of my favourite things to do are drinking coffee, cuddling cats, and paleontology (I love dinosaurs!) I look forward to assisting everyone I can through this Infinite Reach program!


Zachary Norman

Zachary NormanHi there, my name is Zac Norman. I am attending Sault College in the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Technician program. Being on SYCP facilitator last summer in the Timmins area, my knowledge on the Metis culture from traditional arts and crafts/games to the history is pretty fresh. I look forward to sharing everything I have learned so far. You can reach me anytime at  KEEP IT RIEL!


Updated on: November 7, 2017