Our Vision

The objectives of the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Infinite Reach: Métis Student Solidarity Network are to:

  • Establish a community of Métis post-secondary students across Ontario that is connected to each other through their participation in the Infinite Reach program.
  • Connect Métis learners with MNO community through cultural events.
  • Ease the transition of incoming post-secondary students by partnering them with an upper year mentor who can assist them during their adjustment to post-secondary studies.
  • Provide incoming students with culturally appropriate support system that encourages maintenance of traditional Métis values and practices.
  • Increase awareness of post-secondary education opportunities among secondary school students by having mentors engaged in outreach to high schools throughout the province.
  • Provide facilitators with the opportunity to learn how to effectively raise awareness about issues such as barriers to education for Métis people and the prevalence of violence against Aboriginal women.