Careers in Mining

The Mining Industry in Ontario is growing and in demand for educated and trained workers. 40% of the industry is retiring.  10,000 new workers need to be hired each year for the next 10 years to replace existing workers and fill new positions1. Not only does the industry need workers, it can afford to provide an agreeable wage. Average weekly pay for a mining worker in 2010 was $1632 which surpasses earnings of workers in forestry, manufacturing, construction and finance. This equates to $84000 which can lead to a comfortable living and retirement plan.

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Mining Industry in Canada

There are multiple stages in mining and for each stage there is a need for a diverse range of careers.

Mine Exploration (7-10 yrs.)

  • Geoscience – provides critical information on an area to indicate whether exploration is necessary
  • Exploration – exploration by companies and prospectors can lead to discoveries of valuable deposits
  • Discovery – field work, investment and quality geoscience that results in development
  • Sample Careers:
    • Geologist
    • Business Development Officer

Mine Development (5-10 years)

  • Feasibility , geoscience and engineering studies, construction and raising capital
  • Sample Careers:
    • Mining Engineer
    • Land Surveyor
    • HR Manager

Mine Operation (2-20 years)

  • Extraction, mining and processing to produce the minerals, etc.
  • Sample Careers:
    • Cook on mine sites
    • Driller
    • Occupational Health and Safety Officer
    • Accounting Clerk

Mine Closure (2-10 years)

  • Throughout the process this stage is done to ensure the land can be used for mining and for future use.
  • Sample Careers:
    • Environmental Engineer
    • Soil Scientist

Mining opportunities

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Ontario Mine Locations

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