Local Health Integrated Networks (LHIN)

In 2006, the Government of Ontario changed the way the health care system in the province is managed with the passage of the Local Health System Integration Act.  Ontario is now divided into 14 Local Health Integrated Networks (LHINs).

Each LHIN is responsible for planning, funding and integrating health care services in its region. Responsibility for the delivery of Aboriginal Health and Wellness, especially in the area of long term care, remains a grey area under the LHINs. The MNO Health Branch continues to support communities in ensuring that the Métis voice is heard.

One LHIN site, North Simcoe, secured funding from the Aging at Home Strategy. It allowed MNO to provide Personal Support Workers to Métis clients in need of services and assistance with maintenance they cannot afford around the home.

The Health Branch will continue its efforts to ensure MNO can advocate on behalf of Métis in the evolution of LHINs in the province.