Gambling & Seniors

Did you know?

  • Older adults are reported as being the fastest growing group of gamblers.
  • 1 in 10 people report being negatively affected by someone gambling.
  • The top 3 gambling activities are reported as being; lottery tickets; scratch/instant win tickets; casino slots.
  • Many of the lowest income families (making less than $20,000/year) gamble on a regular basis.
  • Seniors gamble for social interaction, emotional escape, excitement, independence, self-esteem and small monetary wins.
  • 58% of older adults reported gambling in the last year
  • Some older adults may have cognitive impairment that could interfere with their ability to make sound decisions.
  • Many older adults do not understand addiction, making them less likely to be able to identify gambling problems.
  • Older adults are often less willing to seek assistance for a gambling problem than are younger gamblers.
  • Older adults need to feel productive, competent and worthwhile and gambling can often fulfill these needs.
  • Casino bus tours are very popular among seniors; tours often include low priced food and beverages, free transportation and coupons or vouchers to begin gambling.
  • Gambling is seen as an exciting and fun form of recreation.

If you or someone you know is suffering from gambling related difficulties, contact the Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline for a treatment speacialist or a treatment centre near you: 1-800-230-3505

Click here for a brochure on seniors and gambling.

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