Helpful Links

24 Hour Confidential Crisis Counselling

Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline:

1-888-230-3505; The Ontario Gambling Research Centre

Gamblers Anonymous: 416-366-7613;

Gamblers Anonymous is available in many communities, and uses a 12-step self-help approach to recovery.

Gam-Anon and Gam-Ateen: 416-366-7613;

Gam-Anon is peer support for family members and friends of people with gambling problems.

The Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health:

416-535-8501 ext. 3912;

This web site features a wealth of literature and information about problem gambling and provides links to treatment.

Responsible Gaming Resource Centres:

Operated by the Responsible Gambling Council, the Centres are independent and information provided to the RGRC staff is confidential.  Responsible Gaming Resource Centres (RGRC) are located at OLG gaming sites across Ontario, and provide patrons with information on safer gambling practices as well as assistance and local referrals for help with gambling-related problems

Credit Canada: 1-800-267-2272

Credit Canada is a not-for-profit organization that provides credit counselling to those who may need assistance in organizing their finances, as well as providing educational resources to youth and adults on the fundamentals of personal financial management.

Treatment Providers in Ontario Map (click image to enlarge)


For more information on the MNO’s Responsible Gambling program or to request any print materials or DVDs please contact: Loma Rowlinson, Provincial Coordinator