Current Consultation Activities


General Relationship Agreements set out a collaborative, predictable and effective process in which a Company can engage potentially affected Métis communities in consultation and accommodation activities flowing from future projects.The Agreement outlines how they will communicate and share information, how consultation will take place, how Métis participation will be engaged, and makes recommendations on how companies can promote Métis culture and way of life through relationship-building. The LRC Branch is currently working with two proponents on General Relationship Agreements.

The following highlights just a few of current activities of the LRC Branch:

TransCanada Announces Energy East Pipeline Project to Saint John

The proposed project passes through the Northwestern Ontario (Region 1), along the North Shore of Lake Superior (Region 2) , up into Temiscamingue (Region 3), down through Lake Nipissing/Mattawa (Region 5) and out along the Ottawa Valley (Region 6) on its way into the province of Quebec. The MNO is working with TransCanada to ensure that meaningful consultation occurs for the extensive process. On December 10, 2013, TransCanada met with the Region 2 Consultation Committee along with the Region 5 Consultation Committee in Toronto; on December 16, 2013 TransCanada met with the Region 1 Consultation Committee in Kenora; January 8, 2014 TransCanada met with the Region 3 Consultation Committee in Timmins; and on January 11, 2014 TransCanada met with the Region 6 Consultation Committee in Ottawa to discuss the TCP company profile as well as a broad project description.  Currently the MNO is establishing a Capacity and Engagement Funding Agreement with TransCanada designed to provide funding the MNO to undertake a series a workplans as it relates to consultation.  These workplans include scheduled meetings with the Regional Consultation Committees, a Traditional Knowledge and Land Use Study, and a Technical Review of TransCanada’s environmental assessment and application to the National Energy Board. Click here to learn more.

Bruce to Milton Transmission Project

The Bruce to Milton Transmission line is the construction of a second high voltage transmission tower line alongside an existing tower line from the Bruce Power complex to Milton, ON. Approved by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) on September 15, 2008, Hydro One Networks Inc. (HONI) received approval for its Environmental Assessment in December 2009. In September 2008, the MNO and HONI signed an Engagement Protocol, the first of its kind for the MNO and an industry partner.The protocol includes an agreement that HONI will work with MNO to provide regular updates about the project and identify and communicate any emerging opportunities to MNO Community Councils with a particular emphasis on employment and business opportunities. The agreement also enabled the MNO to complete an objective technical review of the draft Environmental Assessment, as well as MNO’s first traditional knowledge study in the Georgian Bay TraditionalTerritory.

Consultation Protocols for Regions 6, 8 and 9

Draft Regional Consultation Protocols for Regions 6, 8 and 9 have been developed and are currently being reviewed and considered by Community Councils in these regions. The Protocols, currently in place in all the other regions of the province are an  important part of the MNO’s inclusive, province-wide consultation model.

Proposed quarry - La Vase Portage Route

The historic LaVase portage route is located near North Bay, Ontario and connects the Ottawa River to Lake Nipissing. The route, a marshy fen, connects the Ottawa Valley to Georgian Bay. It is known to have been used by Métis people from about 1630 to 1830 as a through-way and is thought to have archaeological and historical significance.The North Bay Métis Council is concerned about the potential loss of this significant site. The LaVase portage route is already surrounded by a variety of development and most recently a developer has expressed interest in turning the area into an aggregate operation.

The Mattawa/Lake Nipissing Regional Consultation Committee has requested a meeting with the project proponent and the Ministry of Natural Resources to discuss the potential impacts of this project on the Métis way of life.

NorthwestTransmission Expansion Project

The NorthwestTransmission Expansion Project will see the construction of a 230 kV transmission line along a new, 40 metre wide transmission corridor. Approximately 430 kilometres long, the project will span the Nipigon area to Pickle Lake. The Lake of the Woods/Lac Seul/Rainy River/Rainy Lake and Lakehead/Nipigon/Michipicoten Consultation Committee met with Hydro One Networks Inc. (HONI) in Thunder Bay to discuss the project in December. A relationship agreement, which will see HONI provide support for the regional rights-bearing Métis community to ensure they are meaningfully consulted on this very significant project is currently in development.

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