How to Apply for Métis Nation of Ontario Citizenship



  • Forms are available online here for printing, or contact Registry staff to request that one be mailed to you.
  • Complete in full the Personal Information, Contact Information and Family Information section of the form.
    *Please note that placing your children’s names on this form is not a method of application for them. It is purely for information purposes and helps to connect them to you should they wish to apply as well.
  • Complete the Genealogical Information with the information from your Genealogical Chart.
  • Sign the Oath of Allegiance. If applying for a child under the age of 16, the legal guardian must sign this portion.
    Please note that the Oath of Allegiance clearly states that our By-Laws prohibit enrollment in any other Aboriginal registry.

Oath -Of -Allegience [4]
Excerpted from page 3 of the Application form.









  • On the Permisssion to Access File, if you wish to grant permission to only certain individuals, please complete Option 1. Complete Option 2 if you want to allow the Registry access to the documentation in your file to assist with the files of all of your relatives, known and unknown. After completing Option 1 OR Option 2, please sign and date the form at the bottom.

PTA screen shot
Excerpted from page 3 of the Application form.






  • Ensure that your contact information is entered in the top left hand corner of each page that you complete.

gen_chartExcerpted from the Genealogical Chart.

  • Enter your name and information in the first box and then that of your parents in the next set of boxes. From this point, you need only enter the individuals in your Métis line (however, please include their spouses to aid with research and assessment). If both parents are Métis and you have documentation for both, it is advantageous to complete the chart for each parent.
  • Each box should contain the person’s name, date and place of birth, marriage and death if you have the information. For every new page, transfer the name and information of the last person entered on the last page to the first box on the new page.
  • The last person entered on your complete chart should be your historic Métis ancestor (or his/her parents if possible.)


  • Each applicant must provide official documents linking them directly to their historic Métis ancestor, so one official document per generation. Each document must name the individual and their parent’s in order to establish the link between generations.
  • Official documents are documents issued by government or church and include baptismal certificates, long-form birth certificates, marriage certificates, death records, census records, scrip records, etc.   
    * Please note that marriage repertoires are only listings of the individuals married in a particular areanot official marriage documents.
  • Each applicant must provide documentation which confirms his/her historic Métis ancestry. This can be any official document that names an ancestor in any of the half-breed terms (French-breed, Scotch-breed, etc.), such as the 1901 census or scrip records.


  • Once you have completed your application, mail it directly to the Registry at the Head Office in Ottawa (Suite 1100 - 66 Slater Street, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5H1).
    *Please note that we do not accept faxed or e-mailed applications as we require original signatures.
  • If your contact information changes at any time during this process, you must inform Registry so that we are able to reach you should it be required.
  • If all your initial requirements have been provided, the Registry will send you a letter to confirm that we have received your application. Your file will then be placed up for Initial assessment. If any of the initial requirements are missing, you will receive a letter detailing what is missing and informing you that your file will not be placed into the queue for assessment until all initial requirements have been received.
  • Initial assessment will be performed by Registry staff. If your file is complete and all supporting documents are in order, it will then be placed in queue for final assessment. If your file is missing supporting documents, Registry staff will contact you and explain what is missing. The file will then be held pending the receipt of missing supporting documents.
  • Once the missing support documents have been received, the final assessment will be performed and the file placed for Registrar’s review. If approved, you will be issued a Citizenship Card. If you are not approved, a letter of explanation will be sent to you.