Resources for Applicants

The tools on this page have been developed to assist Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) citizens and applicants with their genealogical research. Click here if you are interested in applying for MNO citizenship.

Click here to view a presentation given at Genealogy 101 workshop on March 26, 2013 in Sudbury, by noted genealogist Laura Hanowski, which explained the Citizenship Application process.

Much of this information is also useful to any Métis person interested in learning more about their family history. Click on the titles below to access these resources.

Citizenship Application Form
Registry Genealogical Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

This document was created by the MNO to address common questions that are asked of the MNO Registry. It has been developed to assist individuals on whether to apply for citizenship within the MNO and how to apply for citizenship within the MNO.

Genealogy Guidebook

This is an on-line book that provides exhaustive information about how to research Métis genealogy. It covers virtually every imaginable topic related to Métis genealogy and provides information on where to find records and how to access other genealogical resources.

Historic Research

Unfortunately the amount of historic research done on the Métis in Ontario has not as of yet been that extensive. This section, however, provides access to some of the research that has taken place. This research may be of use to some individuals with genealogical ties to Ontario.

Ontario Métis Root Ancestors

In 2017, after years of painstaking research, the MNO made a huge stride towards making it much easier for individuals to identify their Ontario Métis ancestor by releasing nearly 100 Ontario Métis Root Ancestor Reports. Each report focuses on a particular Métis family in a historic Métis community and provides the family's connection to a root Métis ancestor.

Updated on: April 27, 2018