Captains of the Hunt

MNO Captains Of The Hunt 2017 (1)
MNO Captains of the Hunt at the MNO AGA in Kenora in August2017. Front row (left-right): Gerry Bedford (Region 8), Greg Garratt(Region 7), Acting MNO President France Picotte, Sandy Triskie(Region 1). Back row (left-right): Brian Tucker (Deputy Chief Captainof the Hunt), Ken Simard (Region 2), Tom Thompson (Region 6),Peter Rivers (Region 9), Missing Andy Lefebvre (Region 3), Art Bennett (Region 4), Richard Sarrazin (Region 5). Click here forlarger photo.

The Captains of the Hunt (COTH) play an integral role in the management of Métis rights. One COTH is assigned to each of the Traditional Harvest Territories within Ontario and is mandated by the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) to have full authority over the Métis harvest in their respective region.

The COTH  act as a direct line of communication between Harvesters and  the MNO and MNR. They help manage the annual harvest in concert with the province of Ontario, support the implementation of the Interim Harvesting Policy and determine the appropriate management of the harvest in their respective regions. COTH also act as the liaison between harvesters and the MNO in situations where charges have been filed.

The duties of the COTH include:

  • Travel throughout their region and into MNO communities in their region to work with Councils on Harvester’s Certificates issues
  • Assist Harvesters in the completion of applications for Harvester’s Certificates
  • Review and sign Harvester applications prior to sending them to Registry Branch for processing and final approval
  • Verify that Harvesters can properly and safely employ firearms
  • Answer inquiries from Métis citizens regarding harvesting rights and criteria surrounding harvesting
  • Investigate complaints and charges; act as liaison between the MNO and Harvester
  • Act as point of contact for MNR Field Officers in their region
  • Prepare incident reports
  • Ensure Harvester’s are in compliance with the MNO Harvesting Policy
  • Participate in the MNO/MNR Working Table as a source of “on the ground” information
  • Source of information on the Métis Way of Life Framework and Traditional Knowledge

The Captains of the Hunt also support the Annual Harvester’s Survey and help to gather information on the number, species and location of animals taken by MNO Harvester’s Certificate Holders.