If you move or change your name, it is important that you update your contact information with the MNO Registry. Use the Change of Address Form or contact us directly:



Harvester's Applications

Please Note: During the period of COVID-19, you can send your harvester application directly to the MNO Registry or to your COTH. MNO Registry can contact the COTH on your behalf to request COTH approval.

Update your Contact Information

If you are not getting communications from the MNO, you may need to update your contact information! If you have moved or changed your name, it is important to update your contact information with the MNO Registry.

As a citizen of the MNO your voice is important and you are part of ensuring Métis history, culture, and way of life remains strong in Ontario. Your citizenship card provides access to many amazing opportunities:

  • Funding for Post-Secondary Education, Early Learning and Child Care, COVID-19 emergency supports, and other MNO programs and services;
  • Participation in MNO activities, community meetings and cultural events
  • Voting in MNO elections and at Annual General Assemblies
  • The Métis Voyageur newsletter and other MNO resources
  • Be a part of our collective path to Self-Government

Update your contact information by emailing info@mnoregistry.ca, by calling the MNO Registry at 1-855-798-1006 or fill out and submitting the Change of Address Form.

If you lose your Citizenship Card, or the card becomes damaged, or if you legally change your name you will need to request a new card. To request a replacement Citizenship Card, please fill out and submit the following form: Request for Replacement Card Form.

Posted: July 29, 2020