Contract/ Full Time
Starting  Salary: $43,350-$49,850 per year based on past experience 


The Community Wellness program provides family violence services, referrals, support and case management to clients. The goal is to to address and respond to existing and emerging  healing and wellness issues or violent situations.  The Community Wellness Coordinator (CWC) provides prevention and awareness activities.

The CWC Coordinator will also connect and share information with health and social service agencies. Client-based services are provided to an individual where significant contact and focused assistance is provided to the individual and/or on behalf of the individual.

Key Duties & Responsibilities 

  1. Deliver the Community Wellness program in the spirit and philosophy of the MNO H&W Branch
  2. Provide increased understanding of family violence to clients and the general public to violence within a family home or community
    1. Services will include one-on-one service provision, community-based family violence awareness and prevention education campaigns
  3. Provide client services using case management techniques such as relationship building, case noting, advocacy and referrals
  4. Promote healthy lifestyles through client support, community events, workshops, public education forums and networking
  5. Work with health and social agencies to organize and facilitate community events to enhance client and community knowledge, improve client access, and provide cultural sensitivity training
  6. Maintain confidentiality at all times and follow privacy legislation
  7. Reflect Métis cultural approaches as a part of the activities and services
  8. Recruit and train volunteers
  9. Perform daily administrative duties
  10. Maintain client files, including preparation of intake forms, documentation, input into databases
  11. Financial reporting specific to program site and budget
  12. Participate in on-going professional development activities
  13. Attend training and meetings
  14. Fulfill all other responsibilities as determined by management of Healing and Wellness Branch


  •  Background in Aboriginal health promotion
  • Sensitivity to Métis, Physical Fitness Promotion, Diabetes Issues, Healthy Living Environments for Children, Stress-related Health problems, Coping skills to Alcoholism, Disabilities issues and accessibility to programs, recreation and social programs for Métis
  • Experience working with volunteers in a non-profit environment
  • Proficiency with computer programs (Outlook, Excel, Work and PowerPoint)


  • Knowledge of the Métis Nation of Ontario organization and programs
  •  Ability to liaise with other Indigenous programs and services
  • Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team and independently with minimal supervision
  • Well-developed administrative, organizational and communication skills
  • Willingness and ability to travel throughout Ontario
  • Ability to lift 11.5 kg. when required

Bilingualism would be considered an asset

The Métis Nation of Ontario commits to providing accommodation as required by the Ontario Human Rights Act, unless to do so would cause undue hardship. Accommodations will be provided in accordance with the principles of dignity, individualization, and inclusion. The Métis Nation of Ontario will work cooperatively and in the spirit of respect with all partners in the accommodation process. These accommodations will extend to all aspects of the employment relationship including recruitment and selection.

Please email if you require an accommodation during the hiring process.

Please email if you are having issues with your application or have any questions about the role.

Preference may be given to qualified Métis candidates


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