Internal/External Job Posting Location: Ontario
Indeterminate Position
Posting Closes: September 9 2021 5 PM
Starting salary range: $54,410 to $62,950 per year based on experience

Summary of Role:
Responsible for proposal writing, developing program design and guiding principles, and making recommendations that guide how programs and services are structured, delivered and measured within a Branch.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:
Curriculum Development
1. Create and facilitate the development, revision, implementation and continuous updating and improvement of Metis focused curricula and educational resources for Early Years – Grade 12 students.
2. Review and evaluate the effectiveness of Metis content inclusion in Early Years-12 curricula.
3. Identify gaps in curricula and/or resources as it relates to Metis history, culture and way of life.
4. Provide guidance in identifying the types of Metis history, culture and way of life topics to focus on that are appropriate for Early Years – 12 curricula. Set expectations for which curricula and resources to develop Metis content for.
5. Ensures Metis perspectives, pedagogy and world views are included throughout the JK-12 curricula.
6. Research to find appropriate resources and curricula in order to improve the quality of Metis content for all students in Early Years-12 classrooms and learning environments
7. Review and assess books and other instructional materials and develop recommended Metis resource lists.
8. Lead the development and implementation of a variety of working groups (e.g. Metis teachers and educators, Metis knowledge holders, consultants, etc.) focused on the review and development of Metis curricula and educational resources.
9. Promotes effective communications and public relations and works in co-operation with internal and external staff, management, vendors, contractors and other government agencies.
10. Provide continuous and consistent feedback on content to external contractors (e.g. content developers, reviewers) to ensure high-quality products.
11. Collaborate with key stakeholders (e.g., Ministry of Education, educational partners, etc.) to recommend potential solutions to consider for addressing any gaps in curricula and resources.
12. In consultation with the Education and Training Manager(s) and other key program stakeholders, creates an annual curricula and resource development plan.
13. Responsible to assist with the delivery of the Metis Cultural training where required.
14. Work in partnership with the MNO Communications Branch on design, layout and development of educational resources.

Policy Analyst
1. Develop programs, policies, and proposals based on demographic, social and economic research, and analysis
2. Conduct program and project evaluation, using a variety of research and evaluation tools
3. Collaborate with others to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a program
4. Evaluate pilot projects and assess impact in order to secure longer term funding or other supports
5. Utilize specialized knowledge to meet program, Branch and organizational needs
6. Analyze processes, procedures, programs and other systems, and collect data useful to identify opportunities for additional impact or improvement
7. Collaborate with others to facilitate successful implementation of new programs
8. Promote, track, and measure compliance with program funding requirements by creating and implementing appropriate data collection, reporting, and/or recordkeeping processes
9. Other reasonable duties as may be assigned
10. Engage with internal and external partners on resource feedback and development.

Team Leadership
1. Lead working groups that focus on curriculum and resource development
a. Work with Education Officers and Program Coordinators to develop Métis-specific resources that are focused in different age groups (early years, kindergarten, primary, junior, intermediate and secondary)
b. Ensure projects stay on task and within deadlines
c. Provide specialised knowledge and context to team members
d. Edit submitted resources and document from working groups and prepare for final review.
e. Present drafts and documents developed by working groups to the manager(s) and or Director of Education and Training for review and edits.
f. Host and create agendas for working group meetings.
g. Work with supervisors and manager(s) on budgets and purchasing
2. Liaise as point person with the Ministry of Education on future curriculum reviews and changes.
a. With direction from the manager(s), select MNO staff or community members to participate in Ministry of Education Curriculum Reviews
b. Host and create working meetings for curriculum reviews with MNO staff or community members
c. Combine all edits into one working document and present to the manager(s) or Director of Education and Training for final review
d. Act as a point person with the Ministry of Education to submit final edits and comments.
3. Attend Ministry of Education meetings on behalf of the MNO
a. Prepare briefing notes of meetings
b. Indicate any deadlines, upcoming events or Ministry updates
c. Make strategic recommendations to the manager(s)

Knowledge, Skills & Attributes:
• Strong desire to act in the service of the Métis Citizens, to advance and uphold rights and culture
• Completion of post-secondary education in a related field or equivalent combination of education and experience
• A high degree of technology literacy and proficiency in standard office equipment
• Advanced communications skills, both written and verbal
• Strong research and analytical skills and project coordination, including the design and implementation of project work-plans
• Superior organization skills and highly detail-oriented
• Demonstrated ability to manage competing demands, assess changing priorities, assess situations and problem-solve independently, work alone/independently with minimal supervision
• OCT designation with the completion of one or more of the following AQ areas of focus:
• Kindergarten – Intermediate AQ, History, First Nations, Métis and Inuit perspectives, history, outdoor education, or other relevant AQ.
• RECE designation with post graduation certificate in resource consulting, or Kindergarten AQ
• Completion of a Bachelors in education, child development, recreation and leisure studies, or Indigenous studies
• Extensive knowledge of Métis history, culture and way of life and previous experience in educational settings developing Métis-specific resources.
• Bilingualism
• Ability to speak Michif
Required – Demonstrated experience in a related field
• 2 years or more experience in a similar/comparable role
• Experience dealing with confidential information
• Demonstrated ability to write high quality evidence and data-based reports and professional presentations
• Demonstrated ability in policy and program development and evaluation
• Demonstrated ability to quickly acquire and expand knowledge and to be flexible in a demanding and dynamic environment
Assets – Demonstrated ability to manage project budgets and project deliverables using project management software or other processes

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