MNO Media Protocol

As the MNO increases its public profile, there will be increased interest and scrutiny from media. As MNO continues to advance on its path to self-government there will be added opportunities and requirements for representatives from regional and local levels of governance to be involved with media and provide comments.
While it is fully recognized that there are unique and different realities and priorities in each MNO region and even within Community Councils it is also important to ensure there is a level of consistency that aligns with MNO’s vision, mission and more importantly Métis rights assertions in Ontario.  
As a result, it is more important than ever for a consistent media relations protocol to be followed when media requests are received.
To be as successful as possible, the following protocol for spokespersons and those who may receive media enquiries has been developed.
  1. Get the basic details:
    • Name of reporter
    • News outlet
    • Topic they want to discuss 
    • Timing/deadline
  2. If the request comes to someone who is NOT an approved spokesperson, let them know you are not a spokesperson but that someone will get back to them quickly. If it comes directly to a spokesperson, let them know a communications representative will contact them to work out the details and a time for an interview. Do not do the interview on the spot.
  3. Inform MNO Communications who will help determine:
    • Is this an interview we want to do?
    • How will it benefit MNO and/or the Regions and/or Community Councils?
    • Is this an opportunity to share MNO’s key messages?
    • Do we have all the necessary information?
  4. Contact information: The MNO is working with media realtions firm Media Profile to support media requests so please copy on all requests.

MNO Staff

Media Relations

Marc St Germain
Director of Communications, MNO


Victoria Belton
Senior Consultant, Media Profile


Penny Dominix,
Executive Assistant, MNO


Folad Hashimi
Executive Assistant, MNO