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NO Communications is here to support you in spreading the word about the incredible work that all our staff does everyday. Our team delivers high-quality messaging in a variety of formats, from brochures and social media posts to a video and multi-piece campaigns. We are here to assist you with all your communications goals. This includes helping to:
  • determine needs
  • meet deliverables
  • plan projects
  • and most importantly, better serve our Métis citizens and communities
Please provide all pertinent information regarding your request so that we can help you better. When providing content, please ensure:

Communication Project Request Process

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  1. GET STARTED! We encourage you to connect with us well in advance to discuss your project at

  2. PRIOR APPROVAL: Content submitted to MNO Communications must have prior approval from within your branch/program (Manager, Director and/or CSuite level if necessary). Communications cannot start any project until approved content is provided.

  3. SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST: Requests should be made via Communcations Requests Form or the email available for the exclusive use of the Branch/Program Communications liaisons and/or Branch Directors and Program Managers.

  4. TIMELINES + EDITS: Once approved content is received, the project enters the queue (see Estimated Timelines). Any submitted content may be edited by MNO Communications to conform with internal style guidelines and official messaging. A draft copy is provided for Branch/Program to review and request revisions (under most circumstances revisions made within 2 business days).

  5. YOUR MESSAGE GOES LIVE! Once branch/program staff gives approval the Communications team requests final approval (MNO senior management and fyi for PCMNO) and distributes your communication via appropriate channels

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