MNO Community Relations Team

The MNO Community Relations (CR) team is the primary contact and source of assistance for the MNO Chartered Community and Advisory Councils with council governance and council matters, including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Council Elections, Vacancies, Appointments
  • Council Governance Interpretation & Resolution Guidance
  • Complaints, Conflict Resolution and Mediation assistance
  • Policy and Procedure Development and Advice
  • Zoom and Communications
  • Métis Rules of Order and more

The Community Relations team also has best practices and resources to assist councils in the excellent work that is being done. A few are listed below.

Resource requests, inquiries and suggestions can be submitted to Community Relations

If any council member needs information, guidance, or has questions, the MNO’s CR team is here to support you.

Community Relations Contacts:

To reach a team member below, please click on their name to send an email.

Community Relations Navigator Will assist and direct your inquiry to the best-suited MNO team member, assist with council vacancies, direct Council Assets/Transition documents, as well as requests for PCMNO executive members to attend Council Events.

Loma Rowlinson, Manager of Community Relations (CR) – Council governance and interpretation, elections, policies, procedures and protocols, training development, MOUs, council staffing, MNO office concerns, and PCMNO support. 

Todd Showan, CR Senior Advisor –  Council complaints, conflicts and mediation, governance, council boundary lead, Metis Rules of Order and Code of Conduct guidance, best practices. 

Tara Luxmore, CR Senior Advisor – Council Training Lead, engagement, internal partnerships, Council Deputy Electoral Officer, training development, Zoom webinar and meetings.

Jen Terry, CR Advisor – Council Trainer, community engagement, website & social media guidance.

Russell Ott, CR Advisor – Zoom webinar and large meeting lead, hybrid-AGM supports, Council Vacancies, special projects.

Katie Hanson, Intergovernmental & Community Relations – Operations Branch Coordinator Council Vacancies, Inquiries & navigation, zoom, branch supports.

Council Electoral Officer:  Community Council Elections

MNO Facilities/Office Concerns

One MNO Navigator: MNO Programs and Services 

Council Finance Liaison Supports:

  • Regions: 1, 2, and 6 as well as the MNO Veteran’s Council.
    Shawna Maki 
  • Regions: 7, 8, and 9, as well as the Women’s Council, Youth Council and 2SLGBTQ+ Council.
    Eric D’Costa