MNO Community Relations Team

The MNO Community Relations (CR) team is the primary contact and source of support for MNO Community and Advisory Councils. Key areas include providing navigation, governance, training, communications, policy and procedure advice, conflict resolution, council funding and reporting guidance, Zoom AGM assistance, handling council vacancies and elections.

CR Team members with brief descriptions of their roles are provided below. If you or your council needs information, guidance, or assistance, the MNO’s CR team is here to support you.

Community Relations Contacts:

Loma Lynn Rowlinson, Manager of Community Relations (CR)
Council governance, elections, complaints, conflicts, training development, protocols, referrals, navigation, general inquiries, & supports the work of all other CR team members.
Cell: 705-698-6183

Todd Showan,  Senior Advisor
Community Council Governance, Council Training, Conflict and Mediation Supports, community outreach.
Cell: 249-525-8150

Jessica Mageau, Community Relations Junior Advisor
Council Vacancies, General CR Team and MNO Program Referrals,  Metis 101 training, training scheduling, team general admin. or
Cell: 705-271-6327

Russell Ott, CR Technical Advisor
Zoom webinar and large meeting lead, hybrid-AGM supports and special projects.
Cell: 416-420-3859

Loma Rowlinson, Electoral Officer
Electoral Officer for Community Council Elections.
Toll Free: 1-800-263-4889 ext. 344

MNO Facilities/Office Concerns: