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We are a Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Charter Community Council created in 2004. We invite the MNO Oshawa and Durham Region Community, Métis, Indigenous and non-Indigenous People of all ages to participate with us in the celebration of our Métis history, values, culture, and languages which form our proud heritage.

Our council stands committed to enhancing community development, the academic success of our youth, the promotion of artistic and cultural achievements along with exercising our treaty rights under the constitution.

Together with our community partners, friends, the support of the MNO and co-council, we strive to provide community programs, outreach and cultural development.

ODRMC Council Office:
74 Simcoe Street South – Suite 101
Oshawa, Ontario
L1H 4G6

Group of Métis PeopleCouncil Meetings: All Métis citizens are welcome and encouraged to attend – this is an opportunity to meet your representatives on Council and to learn more about the activities that are happening in our Community.

Until further notice Meetings are being held via Zoom during the second Friday of each month at 3:00 PM EST Holiday permitting. To get the Zoom link please email us at oshawadurhammetiscouncil@gmail.com

Our Council Representatives:Métis Dancers in Oshawa

  • President – Helen Giacchetta
  • Chair – Mackenzie Moreau
  • Treasurer – Michael Tooley
  • Secretary – Don Huppe
  • Senator – Cecile Wagar
  • Women’s Representative – Claire Kerns
  • Youth Representative – Michael Roper
  • Councillor – Pearl Gabona
  • Councillor – Peter Gregoire
  • Councillor – Kimberley Nelson
  • Councillor – Riscylla Walsh-Shaw

We’re looking for interested Citizens to participate as a representative in the vacant roles on Council or in any volunteer capacity. Please see contact page for contact information.

PLEASE NOTE: A Councilor may move a motion to suspend the regular Order of Business for any acceptable reason e.g. to hear a guest speaker. MNO Oshawa and Durham Region Métis Council invites input from Citizens and Councilors in preparing our meeting agenda. Send any matter you wish discussed at our next regularly scheduled meeting to oshawadurhammetiscouncil@gmail.com