It has been approximately five years since the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) completed a Community Asset Mapping exercise across the province. The object of that initiative was to give communities and staff the opportunity to provide insights into how things were working in their communities and to take stock of resources available to each community and then use that information in the preparation of proposals to include more ways of supporting MNO communities. For example, that initiative contributed directly to securing funds for the development and ongoing delivery governance and finance training and improved technical support to all chartered MNO community councils.

It is time to take stock once again and the next phase of Community Asset Mapping will take place in the last quarter of Fiscal Year 2012-13. MNO Community Relations staff will once again be taking the lead to complete this important work It goes without saying that community council engagement and participation is essential to analyzing where we are, and to hearing your recommendations identifying best practices, and together, building a stronger future.

MNO Community Relations staff as they visit your Communities to interview Council members and staff. If you require more information on this initiative please contact Hank Rowlinson, Manager of Community Relations at: