Candidate Information 2024

In 2020, the Chief Electoral Officer made the recommendation to waive the Article 7 prohibition of using the MNO webpage to post candidate information. In order to allow candidates to share information about themselves and their platforms in a way that is fair and equitable, while not required, each candidate was offered the opportunity to post one photo and 500 words about themselves and their campaign on MNO’s website. Candidates running in the 2024 MNO Election are again invited to provide submissions for voters to learn more about candidates and their platforms. Submissions will be posted as they are received.


PCMNO Regional Councillor Region 5

PCMNO Regional Councillor Region 7

PCMNO Regional Councillor Region 8

MNO Youth Council Chair Person

Métis Nation of Ontario Youth Council Region 2 Youth Representative 

Métis Nation of Ontario Youth Council Region 9 Youth Representative 

Métis Nation of Ontario Veterans’ Council Secretary-Treasurer 

  • Ted Mitchell
  • Ralph Rienguette

*Please note that as per Article 19.4 of the MNO Electoral Code: Part A the order of Candidates’ names on the Ballot is determined by the Chief Electoral Officer putting names in a container and drawing them in in front of witnesses.

For those positions that have no candidates listed above, either a candidate has been acclaimed, or no one was nominated to run for the position. Acclamations (where only one Candidate was nominated for a position) were announced by the Chief Electoral Officer on March 18, 2024 at

As per Article 10 of the MNO Electoral Code: Part A the Chief Electoral Officer shall, by May 15, 2024 , announce in writing that Elections to fill any vacancies will be held at the next Annual General Assembly.”