Candidate for Regional Councilor, Region 6

Cora Bunn, Candidate for Regional Councilor, Region 6

I received my Métis Nation of Ontario citizenship in 2008, began serving in 2009 and have been serving ever since. I am currently serving as the Region 6 Women’s Representative on the Métis Nation of Ontario Women’s Council, having been elected in 2016. I previously served as the President of the Grand River Métis Council for two terms, and as secretary for one term.

My Longlade root ancestors were Drummond Islanders. I am also descended from the Dusome family. Five years ago, my husband and I moved from Region 9 to the beautiful City of Kawartha Lakes in Region 6. My husband and I are the parents of six adult children and grandparents of seven.

I am proud to say that three generations of my family have served the Metis Nation of Ontario. My father was the interim senator of the fledgling Grand River Metis Council, then served as councillor for many terms. Two of my daughters have served on councils as well. I was not raised with traditional Metis knowledge, but have reclaimed what was taken from us and I’m grateful that so many members of my family have embraced their heritage and culture.

Over the years, I actively served on numerous Aboriginal Educational Councils: Upper Grand District School Board; Wilfrid Laurier University; co-chair of University of Guelph Aboriginal Educational Council; Peterborough, Victoria, Northumberland and Clarington Catholic School Board; and Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board. I have taught students Métis history and culture in elementary schools, high schools, and at museums. While I was Community Council President, I successfully applied for two grants from the federal government to enable the community to do outreach with our Métis youth. The funding allowed Indigenous crafts and culture to be taught, camping/canoeing supplies were purchased for the council, a camping trip and a trip to Ottawa and a Metis sugar shack were taken. I was a signee of the Regional Consultation Protocol and a member of the Region 9 Regional Consultation Committee.

As a women’s rep on the Metis Nation of Ontario Women’s Council, I serve as the council’s secretary and on the Governance Committee. In February 2020, the MNOWC was awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s Ontario Heritage Award for Community Leadership.

It is important to me to see the Métis thrive and to treat everyone with respect. I will work collaboratively with the councils in the region so that everyone is heard. I have developed a good relationship with the women in Region 6 and will build on that as Region 6 Regional Councilor.

If I am elected, I will view issues from a woman’s perspective. I will be concerned with how issues will affect women and families. As a regional rep, I will take direction from region 6 citizens on how you want to be represented at the PCMNO table. I will review the Regional Protocol Agreement with the councils and update it as needed.

You may contact me with questions and/or concerns at: