Candidate for Chair

Hank Rowlinson, Candidate for Chair

Hank Rowlinson is an exciting candidate with strong family values and vision hoping to capture your support for Chair of the Métis Nation of Ontario 2020 election. Born and raised in the Historic Métis Community of Sault Ste. Marie, Hank is a dedicated husband and father of 8 children (ages 16-36). He and his wife Loma now live in Sudbury Ontario with their two younger sons and for the last four years have been foster parents to many First Nations children.

For thirty years Hank has been the chair of numerous community, provincial and national commissions, boards, and committees. An effective communicator and negotiator Hank encourages compromise and consensus building. He has built strong and respectful relationships in assisting and working with Métis citizens and community councils across Ontario. As MNO Chair he will ensure that policies and procedures are followed and that decisions articulated by the people are honoured and fulfilled.

With more than two decades of MNO corporate history, Hank has in-depth knowledge of past, ongoing and current issues concerning our grass-root citizens, families, and communities. He has extensive expertise with Métis governance, Indigenous policy development, communications, business management, contract negotiations, conflict resolution, partnership and government relationship building. He has worked for the MNO for over 21 years in various senior management roles and capacities from Senior Policy Analyst, Economic Development Officer, Manager of Lands and Resources to Community Relations Manager; developing internal and external policies, securing program and core funding for the MNO, and building strong relationships in political parties.

Hank has been working for our nation as a steadfast advocate. He brings the kind of commitment and passion for the Métis people in Ontario that is needed as we enter this new era of self-government negotiations. Hank will ensure that Métis citizens are fully informed and that they have every opportunity to be involved. He will make certain that their voices are heard and that they will be taken into account.

Hank is a team player. He will work with our citizens and elected leadership to promote the values expressed in the MNO’s Statement of Prime Purpose as we seek to fulfil the stated aspirations we set for ourselves in that important foundational document. Hank believes that our way forward needs to be one of hope and optimism and that we must all pull together to achieve solutions to any barriers that stand in our way.

Hank brings proven leadership skills, respect for others and the foresight needed to properly and effectively advance the Métis Nation as we enter this new chapter in our history. Hank respectfully asks for your support and your vote.

To read more on Hank’s experience, visions and values please visit his website or contact him at:

Hank Rowlinson

Phone: 705-897-4251




Twitter: @hank_rowlinson