Candidate for Regional Councilor, Region 3

Jacques Picotte, Candidate for Regional Councilor, Region 3

I am Jacques Picotte. I’m looking for your support for the Regional Councillor position in Region 3. My root ancestors are from Region 1 and Region 3 Métis communities. I’m a proud father of three children raised in our ways, culture, traditions, and language. Much of my time is spent on the land living the way of life, trapping, harvesting and sharing my traditional knowledge. I’ve been involved with the MNO since the late 1990 in various roles from Regional youth representative to community President

I have put steps and strategies in place to enable me to devote the required energy and time for this position.

Some of My Priorities are to:

  • Document historical and contemporary stories of each community.
  • Support and co-facilitate communities to become stuarts of their traditional land.
  • Help communities re-establish connections with their traditional high valued areas.
  • Ensure comprehensive consultation with all the communities in region 3 on Self-Government and Constitution building.
  • Work with industries in order to protect our environment so that we have the ability to exercise our rights.
  • I want Region 3 to be well served with programs and services needed and/or wanted.

I am running for this position because I want to entrench our Self Government efforts and our Constitution in the Canadian government and insure good governance structures for the generations to come.

I will be a strong voice and have strong actions on behalf of the communities in region 3.