Candidate for Secretary Treasurer

Jo Anne Young, Candidate for Secretary Treasurer

In recent years the MNO’s governance has changed and grown tremendously. It went from hardly being acknowledged by the Ontario government at all to a system that is recognized in Métis Nation of Ontario Secretariat Act, 2015. Last year we signed a historic self-government agreement with Canada. This growth has brought both opportunities and challenges.

I am a strong Métis woman running for the position of MNO Secretary Treasurer to help work through those challenges. My knowledge, communication abilities, financial skills and years of experience working with the MNO will help us negotiate fiscal aspects as we move forward to create our new system of self-government.

My many years of working in leadership positions at the community level has provided me with experience and understanding that will help to bring a fresh perspective to decision making by the PCMNO. The strength of the MNO are the citizens and communities.

I will focus on:

Métis Communities:

  • Work with citizens, Community Councils and Regional Councillors to understand their concerns and needs.
  • Examine the programs and services available to our citizens.
  • Improve the delivery of existing services wherever possible.
  • Investigate expanding and implementing programs and support services for all ages.


  • Develop strategies to communicate with citizens on a regular, timely basis.
  • Use of regional town hall meetings, telephone as well as video, to update citizens and to hear their concerns.
  • Explore opportunities with a “Citizens Only” section on the MNO website, where information could be posted and questions asked.


  • Develop a Constitution remembering that the people of the nation ought to determine who is a citizen of the nation, including a MNO Citizenship Act.
  • Continue to advocate for greater recognition of Métis rights.
  • Work towards implementation of Resolutions passed at prior Annual General Assemblies.
  • On-going research into Métis Root Ancestors and Historic Métis Communities in Ontario.

I believe that we need to work together for the benefit of all. We need to show respect, to build relationships and to accept responsibilities for our actions. We need to remember our history of decision making through consensus – to listen respectfully and to take the time to appreciate other points of view. It is acceptable to agree to disagree on some issues as long at the goal is a strong Métis Nation for the benefit of all citizens. The strength of the Métis Nation is our citizens and our communities.

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