Candidate for Regional Councilor, Region 3

Marcel Lafrance, Candidate for Regional Councilor, Region 3

Hello, my name is Marcel Lafrance. I am running for the position of Regional Councillor for Region 3.

I was born in North Bay, Ontario, currently live in Matchewan, Ontario and I have been a citizen of the Metis Nation of Ontario since 1997.

I have proudly served the citizens of Region 3 as their Regional Councillor and representative on the Provisional Council of the Metis Nation of Ontario for the past 12 years. Under my leadership, Region 3 was the first Region to sign a Consultation Protocol which led the Region to negotiate the MNO’s first lmpact Benefit Agreement with the Detour Lake Mine. This project is bringing jobs and benefit to the citizens in Region 3. The Region 3 Consultation Committee continues to work on your behalf with multiple agreements and ongoing negotiations with industry proponents and government.

As your current Region 3 Councillor, I am an active member of the MNO Finance and Audit Committee, the Self Government Negotiation Committee, the Economic Development Committee and I work on your behalf to negotiate with industry proponents to benefit Region 3 Metis citizens.

My work is not done, with the negotiation of the MNO Self-Government agreement and the Region 3 lmplementation agreement there is much more to do. I have the experience, the dedication and the time to see these important initiatives through to the end.

I look forward to continue serving the citizens of Region 3 as we continue the exciting journey on the road to Self-Government.