Candidate for Regional Councilor, Region 9

Peter Rivers, Candidate for Regional Councilor, Region 9

Hello, I have been your Region 9 Councilor for the that last 3 terms (12 years) and I would like to continue this upcoming term.

I have been instrumental with many challenges that we as Metis in the Southern Region have had to overcome. The funding for our area is small compared to the Northern Regions because we have not yet proven our historical rights here. This has made it challenging for myself and the other Councils. I have always encouraged our Councils to have input and consensus at every meeting and share all financial gains for the entire Region. It is important for the entire Region to be financially secure and taken care of, including the youth, elderly, veterans, women’s council, everyone deserves to benefit. I have been working with the Councils and together we have been successful in securing funding over the years for our communities and now we are about to close two more long term funding deals that will support our Region for years.

I grew up in Northern Ontario close to the Sault, and my Metis ancestries ties are in numerus areas in Northern Ontario. Hunting is my way of life and I have been a Captain of the Hunt for 12 years, helping numerous harvesters.

I am a divorced single father of two amazing girls who I fought hard to have shared custody of. Family, community and equality are important to me. I am also a residential Landlord in Windsor.

My full-time job is a Captain on Windsor Fire for 26 years. Over the years I have traveled for search and rescue work in New York 911 and Katrina in Florida to name a few. I was on the Windsor Fire Critical Incident Stress Team for 8 years and have helped fellow firefighters and victims with stressful issues from the job and off. Because of my background, I have knowledge and skills on how to handle current situations like the stress of Covid-19, food sourcing and distribution along with protection for all aspects associated with it.

At the cost of my marriage, I sacrificed a lot of time away from my family and career attending to MNO business at all hours and also travelling far from my home in Windsor to advance our Region’s and MNO interests. I would like to continue to represent us as your Region 9 Councilor this term.

I was able to have the Federal Government acknowledge and confirm to the MNO that citizens that have s.35 rights carry these rights across Ontario. I also sat on the Federal government’s committee promoting MNO self-governance. There is now much negotiating to be done, i.e. no taxes, free dental, medication, housing etc. and how Region 9 will try to achieve and implement this.

Thank you for taking the time to read my background and for your consideration to re-elect me as your Region 9 Councilor.

Thank you
Peter Rivers
Region 9 Councilor

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