Candidate for President

Tobias Clarke, Candidate for President

Seeking election for the position of MNO President, Tobias Clarke is a descendant of two Drummond Island Metis family lines and an MNO citizen since 2003. Her formal education includes Creative Photography, Police Foundations, Food Science, and Economic Development. With over 20 years of working experience in the Private and Government sectors, she has built positive and extraordinary relationships that will benefit the MNO’s Self Government path forward. With these already established positive relationships, it will ensure a seamless transition with a change in leadership during these exciting times of Self-Government and Community Constitution building.

As an active hunter and trapper, she has remained connected to the values, beliefs, and traditions of the Metis way of life. She has devoted her time to the community through sharing her ancestral knowledge of the culture, which will continue for future generations. Tobias has travelled to various MNO communities over the past many years, teaching the Metis ways of life and advocating for the culture in unique and appropriate ways. She believes that the education of the Metis ways of life should be taught to the community first, bridging the gap from colonial influences. We must empower our community with our inherent right to our knowledge; this knowledge belongs to us.

She is passionate about the rights of the Metis people and knows the importance of any community achieving deeded lands; This is a positive path forward in ensuring our Metis ways of life become self-sustainable. Tobias will support the MNO harvesting community, ensuring our rights are defended when challenged, lands achieved, and mobility is defined!

Tobias is a proud advocate for our grassroots communities and is a strong supporter of community engagement and acceptance. Being the first MNO citizen to publicly organize a yearlong submission process for AGA resolutions by MNO citizens, she ensured citizens had a voice at the 2019 MNO AGA. She offered a free writing service for special resolution submissions and presented them at the AGA on behalf of those citizens who were unable to attend.

Committed to an active and result based term, that includes community every step of the way. Citizens will have a direct influence on important political decisions. Tobias is firm in this commitment to community.

As President, her term will be empowering the MNO community to be actively involved and positively charged, starting with an overdue promise that will be developed and decided on by community: Community Acceptance. This development will provide clear direction for community and leadership as we move forward with Self Government.

Tobias will promote and advocate initiatives addressing “Food Insecurity” across MNO communities and provide supports to create community-driven activities in achieving self-sustainability. She will further support the “Metis Arts,” ensuring our artists carry on our stories through their work. She will support all Veterans, Women, Youth, and community initiatives created to further our nation in a positive way for our future.

Please visit Tobias’ website for further campaign and endorsement information or to contact her directly.