Candidate for Vice Chair

Yvonne Jensen, Candidate for Vice-Chair

My name is Yvonne Jensen and I am running for the Executive position of Vice-Chair of the Provincial Council of the Metis Nation of Ontario (PCMNO).

Currently, I am the elected President of the North Channel Council. The North Channel Council is located in Region 4 along the north shore of Lake Huron in Northern Ontario. I am honored to have served my citizens for the past 7 years. I am fluently trilingual, being French, Michiff and English.

Having lived in Northern Ontario my entire life, I am very familiar of the needs of citizens in rural communities. I take pride in my rapport with all citizens and continue to build those ties through personal contacts via calls made or emails going to them on a regular basis.

As President of the North Channel Council, I work closely with my Executive Committee, to ensure that all voices on Council are heard. Good teamwork is essential in order to get things done in a timely fashion while ensuring the needs of our citizens are met. We strive to ensure the betterment of Metis living.

I collaborate & network with the other Council in Region 4 along with building rapport with Presidents throughout the MNO. This allows the continued sharing of best practices and building mutually respected relationships throughout the Province.

Highlights of my current duties of President includes Spokesperson for the North Channel Council, Consultation Committee Representative, Education Representative on the Huron Superior Catholic School Board & Algoma District Public School Board to name a few. Experience gained has allowed me the opportunity to meet with those who work in many different branches of the Government along with business leaders throughout Ontario.

These positions as well as my work as President has helped me to become confident in my role, helped me gain insight and experience with different types of meetings and settings.

My promise is to be honest and open while working as a team member of the PCMNO Executive. I will endeavor to have issues dealt with in a timely manner. As Vice-Chair, I will work diligently with all members of the Executive and ensure effective communication remains a priority in order to maintain an effective functioning committee.

Having chaired various committees in the past, I am always cognizant of conflict of interest or perceived conflicts and how to address them.
As Council President I regularly attend meetings of the PCMNO and have become familiar with various aspects of this Committee and can be brought up to speed quickly.

I am fully prepared to meet this challenge head on and look forward to working in a collaborative fashion with the entire PCMNO. I will always be respectful and understanding of all audiences.

I have gained valuable insight and knowledge of the challenges faced by all Metis citizens. Ensuring everyone’s needs are met throughout the Province remains a priority.

I am a transparent grassroots President who wants to be the next Vice-Chair of the PCMNO.

I hope you consider voting for me. Thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to working with the PCMNO Executive to represent all citizens.

Marsee/Merci/Thank you

Yvonne Jensen