Participants and guests at the MNO Women’s Council gathering prior to the 2018 MNO Annual General Assembly in Peterborough in August.

The Métis Nation of Ontario Women’s Council (MNO Women’s Council) is comprised of Métis women from Ontario who are committed to promoting women’s issues and advocating on their behalf within the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) community. The MNO Women’s Council also advises the PCMNO on matters pertaining to women and works with community councils, Aboriginal boards, government bodies and women’s groups to assist Métis people with issues of concern specific to women. This work includes policy development and review, coordination, consultation, and education. The main goal of the MNO Women’s Council is to encourage the full participation of all women within the MNO in helping to build a strong and healthy nation. The MNO Women’s Council works with the Women of the Métis Nation.

In March of 2020 the Les Femmes Michif Otipemisiwak Women’s Forum was held in the National Capital Region. On Day 3 of the Forum MNO Senator Reta Gordon wrote and recited this prayer for our Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two-Spirit Sisters who are still missing and for whom we have little information about what has happened to them. Participants at the Forum prayed to the Creator to keep them safe and protect them and allow our sisters to be brought back to us and our families. The beadwork shown on the prayer was created by Velvet Migwans (nee Johnston). Migwans is a former MNO employee who used to work at the MNO’s Education and Training Branch. Please click on the thumbnail to view a larger image of the prayer.

The MNO Women’s Council consists of the Spokesperson and nine regional representatives. The current Council consists of the following:

  • President — Suzanne Jackson
  • Region 1 – Colette Surovy
  • Region 2 – Kelly Camacho
  • Region 3 – Liliane Ethier
  • Region 4 – Lisa L. Lewis
  • Region 5 – Lynne Gouliquer
  • Region 6 – Cora Bunn
  • Region 7 – Patricia Taylor
  • Region 8 – Teresa (Tera) Beaulieu
  • Region 9 – Colleen Brunelle

MNO Women’s Council Representative Biographies

President – Suzanne Jackson

Suzanne has served as Chair of the MNO Clear Waters Métis Council since 2013 after joining the Council in 2008. Eleven years ago, while working on family genealogy, she first became aware of her Métis lineage after identifying an ancestor shared with Louis Riel. Born and raised in Alberta, she was unknowingly steeped in the culture which was never identified by name.

Her Mamère’s experiences in the Duck Lake Residential school solidify a great concern that the past be remembered. Women and children’s needs have always been a primary focus in a career spent primarily as a Labour and Delivery Doula with training in healing methods such as Bowen Therapy. She and her husband share seven children and 10 grandchildren between them.

A teacher at heart, ongoing outreach activities include school and women’s groups’ visits to further the knowledge of Métis history and traditions. Immersion in the Aboriginal arts has taken her from beadwork, drum making, moose hair tufting, porcupine jewelry, etc., to where she is now learning the process of turning animal hides into useful items. Moccasin making came first, followed by brain tanning the hide. Next objective is a hunting licence and achieving a first animal harvest.

Colette Surovy – Region 1
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Kelly Camacho – Region 2
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Marie Liliane Dupuis-Ethier – Region 3

Marie Liliane Dupuis-Ethier was born and raised in Haileybury, Ontario. She has celebrated 48 beautiful years with her husband George. She has three children and seven grandchildren and very proud of her family. Recently George and Liliane moved to the country and they are presently off the grid. They enjoy having their children as neighbours. Liliane has served as President for the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Temiskaming Métis Council since 2008. She represents her council on the MNO Regional Consultation Committee. She was one of the founding members of the MNO TMCC in Haileybury when they had their grand opening in 2001.

She became actively involved with the women’s issues when she directed the Breast Health for Métis Program in 2003. This program educated women on breast health and other women’s issues. Her past employment involved family wellbeing. She was also a residential counsellor for battered women and facilitator for a women’s group. She introduced a support program for women two years ago while teaching the ladies how to sew and bead. Liliane holds a college certificate for Business Administration and she also has a Personal Care Worker (PSW) diploma. She started her own business in designing and sewing called Natural Threadz Designs.

Liliane is a Rights Bearing Métis and she traces her ancestors through the Abitibi Inland historic community. She loves fishing with her husband and enjoys camp fires. She devotes her time to educating her family and friends on Métis culture. Marie Liliane Dupuis-Ethier est née et a habitée à Haileybury, Ontario. Elle a célébrée 48 belles années de marriage avec son époux George. Liliane à 3 enfants et 7 petits-enfants. Elle esttrèsfière de safamille. Récemment George et Liliane ontdéménagésencampagne et ilsvivent hors réseau. Liliane aime beaucoup avoirses enfants commevoisins.

Liliane estprésidente du Conseil Communautaire Métis de Témiskamingdepuis 2008. Elle estl’une des membresfondateurs du conseil à Haileyburydepuis 2001 lors de leurouverture. Liliane s’estactivementimpliquéedans les issus de femmes lorsqu’elle a dirigée le programme de santé des seins pour les femmes Métisseen 2003. Ce programme a éduqué les femmes sur la santé des seins et autressoucis. Son emploiantérieurimpliquait le bien- être familial, conseillèrerésidentiel pour les femmes battues et facilitatrice pour le groupeféminin.

Elle a présentée le programme de soutien aux femmes il y a 2 ans, enenseignant aux femmes comment coudre et perser. Liliane détient un diplômed’étudescollégialesen administration des affaires et elle possèdeégalement un diplôme de soutient personnel (PSW). Elle a commencésa proper enterprise a concevoir et a coudreappellé “Natural Threadz Designs” et elle trace sesancêtresdans la communautéhistorique de l’intérieur de l’Abitibi. Elle adore pêcher avec son mari et s’assoire aux feu de camps. Elle consacre son temps a éduquersafamille et ses ami(e)s sur la culture des Métisses.

Lisa L. Lewis – Region 4
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Lynne Gouliquer – Region 5
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Cora Bunn – Region 6
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Patricia Taylor – Region 7
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Teresa (Tera) Beaulieu – Region 8
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Colleen Brunelle – Region 9
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Sharon Cadeau – MNO Women’s Council Spokesperson

Sharon Cadeau has served as PCMNO Vice-Chair and spokesperson for the MNO Women’s Council since 2008. She became actively involved in Métis politics in 1999 when she first learned of her Métis ancestry. She was Founding President of the Credit River Métis Council based in Brampton and has served as Regional Councillor for Region Eight. Her work on behalf of the MNO Women’s Council is focused on securing the funding required to carry out the important advocacy and public awareness role of the Women’s Council.

Sharon, whose Métis roots have been traced to Penetanguishene, was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and has lived in Germany, Nova Scotia, and Ontario. Her contributions to the Métis community include work on several different boards and committees and she is committed to ensuring the voice of the Métis Nation is heard throughout the province. Sharon received the Ontario Heritage Trust Award in recognition of her work with Mississauga Heritage and the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation. She has also earned one of the highest honours that her community can bestow: two eagle feathers.

Updated: November 8, 2020