Governance (1)The MNO’s governance structure — how we engage our citizens and make decisions — ensures that all Métis in Ontario have opportunities to participate. The goal now is to ensure that each and every citizen understands our MNO Statement of Prime Purpose, the various administrative/ political bodies that comprise the MNO, and how the MNO functions on a day-to-day basis.

Understanding MNO governance means understanding where Métis voices can be heard and where Métis citizens, families and communities can get information they need. Ensuring citizens understand our governance better is just the start though—we also have to continue to work to get our citizens more engaged in our governance.

How can we get our Métis citizens more engaged in MNO councils, activities and initiatives? What do you see as barriers to get citizens more engaged and how can we remove those?

• We have our Métis voyageur and website to communicate with our citizens; what more do we need?

• What can we do to ensure that Métis citizens are kept up to date about negotiations, court cases, MNO policies and initiatives?

• How can we ensure that each of our governance bodies, Councils, and citizens are active participants in the MNO?

• Are there ways to ensure our MNO website is working well for Métis citizens everywhere in Ontario?

Posted: March 1, 2017