MNO Canoe

The Métis Nation is in a time of rebirth. The Métis people in Ontario are beginning to receive the recognition that they deserve, that of a rights-bearing, Indigenous people of Canada, but there is more work ahead.

Promoting Métis identity, community and culture (including Michif) is a big part of what the MNO, its leadership, its public service and its citizens do. The values and principles that guide us are set out in our Statement of Prime Pur­pose. Focussing on these foundations we will continue to strengthen our Métis communities and families, and build a stronger nation for the benefit of our future generations.

How could we better support our communities in celebrating and supporting Ontario Métis identity, community and culture, including Michif?

• How could Métis culture be further integrated into MNO governance structures, policies, citizen-engagement, procedures, and decision-making?

• What supports would be most helpful to communities and families to facilitate the transfer of Métis traditional knowledge to future generations?

• What are some of the ways that MNO could work to educate the public, school systems, governments and industry on Métis identity, community and culture?

• How best can we strengthen our sense of community among Métis throughout Ontario?

• How should information, opinion or practices shared by an individual person be evaluated prior to it being considered “Métis culture” or “Métis traditional practice”?

• What additional supports would be most helpful for people who are applying for MNO Citizenship?

• How best can we reach out to people who have not applied for MNO Citizenship?

Posted: March 1, 2017