Self -Government Voting People in a Room

We are at an unprecedented time in our history as Métis. The notion of formally recognized Métis self-government in Ontario is a completely new one. We have laid the foundations for self-government since 1993 as reflected by our MNO Statement of Prime Purpose, and MNO policies, protocols, rules and institutions. Now our job is to build our Constitution and to move forward with negotiations to advance reconciliation of our rights, interests and claims.

A constitution brings a nation’s citizens together to tell the world who they are, the values, rules and principles that guide them, and how they plan to govern themselves. Our constitution will be our highest law.

We are also moving forward to establish a negotiations process with government on Métis self-government, rights and claims.

What should the priorities be in our future negotiations with Canada? What concerns should the MNO pursue in these negotiations?

• What do you think are the most important principles that should guide the development of the MNO’s Constitution?

• What processes would work well for engaging with MNO citizens and communities during constitutional development?

• What key elements and principles should be included in a constitution?

• Do we want to have a process of dispute resolution? What will this process look like?

Posted: March 1, 2017