Candidate for Regional Councilor, PCMNO, Region 7

Greg Garratt, Candidate for Regional Councilor, PCMNO, Region 7

Experienced, knowledgeable, and listens to the community.

Hello citizens of region 7. For years many have known me for the several hats I wear and the multiple levels of engagement with the community. As Captain of the Hunt, as a three-time sitting councillor since 2009 on the Georgian Bay Metis Council and almost eight years on the Veteran’s Council.

I have sat on multiple boards and governance structures over my years of service, including Chigamik Board, Hospice Board, and the Diversion Equity and Inclusion Committee, to name a few. I have worked regionally to steer our community through the first steps of self-government and I am well-versed in our current process to reach self-government from the early days of the commission hearings, having participated in four of the community engagements. I have heard what the citizens want going into self-government and I am prepared to remember that at any table.

As Captain of the Hunt, I have seen our harvesters grow into one of the most community oriented around. Growing from a few hundred to over 1700 today. I worked diligently to engage and support community harvesting, supporting citizenship fee waivers and harvesting application fees. After eighteen months of campaigning my original motion to have the harvest card extended to five years, aligning with citizenship cards was passed at the Annual General Meeting in 2023. This reduced administrative costs and workloads as well as the obvious benefit to our harvesters.

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For questions or concerns I can be contacted by email:
or home phone 705-549-2255