Candidate for PCMNO Regional Councillor Region 7

Jessica Sauve, PCMNO Regional Councillor Region 7

Hello, I’m Jessica Sauve, and it’s my honour to run for Region Seven Councillor on the Provisional Council of the Metis Nation of Ontario. My journey begins in the heart of Penetanguishene, as a descendant of Beausoleil- Giroux, Delaronde, and Lafreniere family lines, I am proud to share my rich culture of my Drummond island descendants of beautiful Georgian Bay and enjoy being deeply immersed in sharing and celebrating our cultural heritage. My term as a councillor for the Georgian Bay Metis Council since 2022 has allowed me to connect full heartedly with our citizens, sharing in our collective stories and aspirations.

My dedication to the Metis Nation of Ontario is unwavering. As a candidate, my vision is to advocate passionately for our community’s rights and interests, ensuring that our voices are heard and respected. My commitment is to work towards a future where our community thrives, grounded in the values and vision of the Metis Nation of Ontario.

I bring to the table a history of advocating for policies, programs, and initiatives that benefit our community. From attending AGAs and AGMs too engaging in community council meetings, my focus is on fostering relationships, participating in public and community events, and ensuring our financial sustainability. My approach is holistic—balancing fiscal responsibility with our collective goals for harmony and progress.

As a prospective PCMNO member, I am dedicated to transparent governance, strategic financial planning, and nurturing the community’s trust. My aim is to build and maintain meaningful relationships, encourage active participation in our governance, and promote open dialogue and collaboration.

In every decision, I bring a deep respect for our traditions, an understanding of our current needs, and a vision for our future. My goal is to identify and support opportunities for leadership, help our citizens access MNO programs and services, and ensure our culture and rights are at the forefront of our collective efforts.

To summarize, my candidacy for Region Seven Councillor is driven by a commitment to our community’s growth, unity, and prosperity. With a belief in our collective strength and a dedication to our path towards self-governance, I stand ready to champion change and shape tomorrow for Region 7.

Vote Jessica Sauve: Together, let’s forge a vibrant future for our community.