Submitted by: Joseph Paquette, MNO Veterans’ Council President

103-year-old MNO veteran receives his first vest
(L-R) MNO Veterans’ Council President Joseph Paquette,
MNO veteran Alexander Boucher and MNO Veterans’
Council Secretary Greg Garratt. Click here to view a
larger version.

On May 26, 2016, at the Canadian Forces Base Borden, the day was full of surprises for 103-year-old Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) certified veteran Alexander (Alex) Boucher. Accompanied by his daughter Carol Boucher and son Eugene Boucher, Alex attended the Aboriginal Veterans’ Day event.

The surprise of the day came when Alex was presented with his first leather vest. This presentation was arranged by MNO Veterans’ Council Secretary Greg Garrett. Alex was so thrilled and wore the leather vest with great pride.

Leather is an important commodity for Métis culture. Early Métis clothing was frequently made from leather and decorated with beads or quills (Métis Legacy II, 2006). Hunting and the traditional art of hide tanning continue to be important skills for the Métis.

Although it rained, it did not put a damper on the day’s activities. The MNO Veterans’ Council was well represented along with the MNO Summer Youth Cultural Program youth who jigged and danced for guests.

Published on: June 28, 2016