View this slideshow for picture highlights of the Louis Riel Day 2014 ceremony
at Queen’s Park in Toronto on November 14, 2014.

Louis Riel was the great Métis leader executed by the Canadian government for leading the Northwest Resistance in defense of Métis rights and the Métis way-of-life. Every year Louis Riel Day is held to remember what Riel sacrificed and renew the commitment to completing his work. The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) celebrates Louis Riel Day to recognize the many contributions of the Métis to Canada and to highlight the continuing struggles that Métis continue to face. “We celebrate this day to recognize our ongoing struggle to fulfill Louis Riel’s dream that the Métis take their rightful place within Confederation,” explained MNO President Gary Lipinski.

Métis communities across Ontario hold Louis Riel Day events and a provincial ceremony took place on November 14 in Toronto at the Northwest Rebellion monument on the grounds of the provincial Legislature.

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