Ontario’s school boards have demonstrated time and again, that through the collective efforts of creative and committed trustees, they are making a difference for our kids.

Ontario’s Municipal and School Board Elections are coming up fast! Election Day is Monday October 24, 2022 and the Nomination and Campaign periods closes on August 19.

The Ontario Education Services Corporation (OESC) is coordinating a series of resources to support trustee candidates and communities on behalf of the provinces school board and trustee associations, including the English public, English Catholic, French public and French Catholic school boards.

Please see the following resources now available at www.oesc-cseo.org for those interested in these positions:

School Board Trustees are democratically elected officials responsible for identifying the education needs and priorities of their community. Local trustees makes sure that the community has a direct way to express its views on education decisions. You have the right to vote for who represents you in these important matters. For more on how to vote visit the 2022 Ontario Municipal & School Board Elections website