A Timber Wolf Coat
Kenora Métis Councilor bestows PCMNO Regional Councilor an unforgettable gift


Ted Biggs gifts PCMNO Councilor Theresa Stenlund a timber wolf fur coat
Teg Biggs of the Kenora Metis Council gifts PCMNO Councilor Theresa Stenlund an unforgettable gift symbolizing strength and resilience.

Theresa Stenlund is the dedicated Councilor representing the Northwestern Ontario Métis Community – Region 1 for the Provisional Council of the Métis Nation of Ontario (PCMNO). With deep roots in the Northwestern Ontario Métis Community, Theresa is a beacon of Métis pride.

Fiercely proud of the legacy passed down to her, Theresa is a devoted Métis community leader. Carrying on her back the stories of her ancestors, their vibrant culture, and their profound connection to the natural world, she exemplifies the strength and richness of Métis heritage.

Unfortunately, life had recently presented Theresa with a series of challenges, as members of her family have struggled with on-going health concerns.

It was during this difficult period that Theresa connected with friend and colleague, Ted Biggs, from the Kenora Métis Council. A proud Métis leader and avid harvester, Ted served as one of the founding members of the 1989 “Métis of Rat Portage,” an early Métis rights group which would later join the MNO and become the Kenora Métis Council. Ted has been a strong advocate for Métis rights, including hunting and fishing, but also addressing poverty and opportunities to engage Métis youth. Learning of Theresa’s recent challenges, Ted sought to recognize her resilience and extend his support in a meaningful way.

Ted gifted Theresa with a magnificent timber wolf fur coat. Wolves have long symbolized strength, resilience, and protection. Ted believed that the symbolic power of the wolf, infused within the jacket, would provide Theresa and her family with the protection and courage they need to persevere during challenging times.

“I will wear this proudly representing the Northwestern Ontario Métis community,” expressed Theresa when accepting the fur coat, fully appreciating the meaningful sentiment behind the supportive gesture.

This heartfelt gift serves as a tangible reminder of the Métis connection to the natural world, but the beautiful timber wolf coat is not just an item; it’s a symbol of the love and support flowing from the Métis community to Theresa’s family.

We extend our heartfelt wishes for a smooth recovery and bright moments ahead for Theresa and her family. MNO would like to thank Councilor Ted Biggs for his generosity, and Theresa for sharing this story with the broader community!