To: The Métis Nation of Ontario

Please accept this letter on behalf of the Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONWA) as a request for support to help a young family in need.

Dennis McKay and his girlfriend Miranda Anderson’s little daughter Miss Dayna McKay, who is 5 years old, was brutally assaulted in ways unimaginable on September 16, 2015. Miss Dayna is now recovering at Victoria Hospital in London, Ontario. Her parents and aunt are now with her in London from Kasabonika Lake, Ontario Canada. The family will need assistance with costs associated with their stay in London for 4-6 weeks and any future surgeries Dayna may require to try and fix the damage inflicted on her. She is a very brave girl and has a lot of healing to do in the coming years to balance her beautiful brave soul.

We ask that you visit the “gofundme” link to find out more about this tragedy and give your support. We would also ask that you share this with your contacts via email, webpage, and social media. Together we can make Ontario a better place for Aboriginal children, youth and their families. Please visit our website or the gofundme link below.


Dawn Harvard