Affordable Métis Nation of Ontario Housing Initiative Addresses Critical Need in Toronto

[Toronto, ONTARIO, October 19, 2023] The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) is pleased to announce the unveiling of six new affordable rental units at “The Humber” located at 10 Wilby Crescent in Weston, Toronto. A ribbon-cutting event will be held on October 24 from 12:30pm to 2:30pm on-site, and members of the media are invited to attend.  This initiative was undertaken in collaboration with Options for Homes, the non-profit developer of The Humber, who supported the MNO’s goals of providing housing opportunities by enabling the purchase of these units.

The newly established units have been designed to cater to MNO citizens, offering rents substantially below market rates for two-and-three-bedroom units at $1,632 per month (plus utilities) and $2,042/month (plus utilities). These rates are tailored to support households with moderate incomes, significantly undercutting the local average. This project addresses a pressing need for affordable housing in the area, as indicated by data from Canada Mortgage and Housing’s (CMHC) January 2023 Rental Market Report. For those interested in applying, please visit the application portal here.

The decision to invest in this property was informed by the 2021 MNO Housing Needs Assessment, which underscored the acute need for such initiatives in MNO’s governance and program delivery catchment area of Region 8, which includes the GTA. Many Metis citizens now reside in this urban community and make the GTA home, yet only 10.1% of the population own their homes. MNO’s 2017 focus group sessions highlighted housing affordability as a critical issue, especially in Toronto.

According to CMHC’s report, Toronto’s apartment rentals face a 1.1% vacancy rate, and the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $2,692, while a three-bedroom unit costs an average of $2,969 per month.

The Toronto rental market grapples with numerous challenges, including a dearth of affordable units, high demand exacerbated by declining affordability in ownership markets, population growth, rapid rent escalations, and limited new affordable supply.


“We are proud to be able to provide affordable housing options for our citizens. We look forward to making a positive impact on the lives of Métis individuals and families in need of quality, affordable housing.”

      • Margaret Froh, MNO President

“There is a housing crisis that is getting worse at a quickening rate. Many of our Citizens live in or near Toronto or choose to relocate here for education and other reasons. I am a Métis person currently residing in Toronto, and I belong to Drummond Islanders via my maternal lineage. I remember who we are and how we got here. This initiative serves a real need. By stepping forward to serve as good landlords, we are building a safe, accessible rental housing option for Citizens, where very few exist. This is what this endeavor by the MNO at ‘The Humber’ will accomplish. We must start small – always. My hope is that in the future this initiative becomes self-sustaining to the extent that resources circulate back through the MNO to other MNO communities with need for clean, safe, and truly affordable housing. And then, with proven process, expands beyond six units to provide fair rental housing options for more of our Citizens to access. With stable homes, we are empowered to be the change we want to see.”

      • Kate Stewart-McNeil, PCMNO Regional Councillor

“The need for access to adequate housing is vast in our city. While our mission at Options for Homes is to create paths to homeownership for people, we welcome opportunities to extend our impact through special relationships. We are very pleased to have worked with the Métis Nation of Ontario to help provide affordable housing solutions that meet the needs of its citizens.

      • Heather Tremain, Options for Homes

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Victoria Belton
Senior Consultant, Media Profile