MNO President Margaret Froh, MNO Veterans’ Council
President Joe Paquette, Chair Brian Black, Rob Baskey,
Women’s Representative Shelly Claus, Paul Pirie, and
Secretary-Treasurer Greg Garratt attended the 106th
birthday of Métis veteran Alex Boucher (front) on Jan. 26.
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Submitted by Greg Garratt, MNO Veterans’ Council Secretary Treasurer

Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) veteran Alex Boucher celebrated his 106th birthday surrounded by friends, family and the MNO Veterans’ Council, putting a well-deserved smile on his face.

On Jan. 26, veterans from as far away as Windsor, Ont. attended the celebration at his home in Britt, Ont.

During the Second World War, Boucher was part of the Medical Corps and trained new recruits in both battlefield medical procedures and on the rifle range. Boucher is the oldest Métis veteran in Canada and one of the oldest Indigenous veterans in the country.

He was given a Hudson Bay Company fleece throw and knitted socks from the Veterans’ Council and was presented with letters of recognition from Queen Elizabeth and Canada’s Governor General.

MNO President Margaret Froh also attended the celebration and asked all MNO citizens to send Boucher well wishes that will be shared with him and his family. Dozens of birthday wishes came in, wishing Boucher well and thanking him for his service.

Posted: Jan. 28, 2019