amanda rheaume pledgeMNO citizen and award-winning artist Amanda Rheaume. (Photo
source: Sean Sisk Photography)
Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) citizen and award-winning artist Amanda Rheaume recently launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to help finance her new album.

There are already 19 songs prepared but only 10 or 11 will make it onto the album.

The crowdfunder, located at PledgeMusic, offers many options towards making a pledge. Each pledge assures a copy of the album is pre-ordered, either in digital format or on a CD. The bigger the pledge, the more bonuses are given to the pledger.

Each pledge offers an AccessPass, which gives pledgers exclusive access to videos, pictures and updates about progress on Rheaume’s new album.

A title has not been released yet but Rheaume provides a theme for each of her albums.

“The last album [Keep a Fire] was all about learning more about my family, heritage and as many stories as possible,” Rheaume shared in an e-mail.

“This [new] album digs deeper into more personal topics for me including reclamation, self-acceptance, longing, miracles, forgiveness, truth and, above all else, vulnerability,” she added.

The Canadian release for the album is aimed for May 2016, coinciding with a performance on the National Arts Centre in Ottawa on May 5, 2016.

Rheaume recently returned to Canada after a Europe and UK tour. She performed 34 shows in 45 days in Germany, Denmark, France, Austria, Beligum, England and Scotland.

“Audiences over here love all the storytelling and learning more about Canada and Métis culture,” Rheaume stated in an e-mail.

“We perform almost every song from Keep a Fire and through that, I tell the story about my great-grandmother Stella and my great-grandfather and how they built their lives in the 1930s in Canada,” she wrote.

Once the crowdfunding goal for the new album is reached, 10 per cent of the additional funds will be donated to the Royal Mental Health Centre in Ottawa.

Published on: November 18, 2015