By Senator Malcolm Dixon of the MNO Great Lakes Métis Council.

Appreciation Dinner for former MNO Great Lakes Métis CouncilAttendees at the special dinner honouring Peter Gendron and Wilma Lindsay
( Left to Right) – Jim McLay, Jim Lindsay, Wilma Lindsay, Peter Gendron,
MNO Great Lakes Métis Council President Peter Coture, Tony Couture,
Nora Burns, Jamie Coture and Senator Malcolm Dixon. Missing – Melanie Hamilton.

On April 12th, a special dinner was held to honour Peter Gendron and Wilma Lindsay, two members of MNO Great Lakes Métis Council who retired this year. A traditional bison stew dinner was served and not even a drop of gravy was left in the pot. Dinner rolls sponged up the plates so clean that we could not identify the unused from the used. Mango flavoured ice cream was served for dessert, which was also finished off in short order. The dinner ended with a short speech by President Peter Coture who presented Peter Gendron with a beautiful illustrated book, “We Were so Far Away”, the Inuit experience of residential school, published by the Legacy of Hope Foundation. It happens that Peter Gendron had spent a good portion of his professional life in the north, working with the Inuit.

Without the dedication of hard workers and the insight of dedicated workers like our MNO Great Lakes Métis Council the success that we now enjoy would not have happened.

Chii miigwech from all of us!