Attention MNO Citizens in Regions 1-5! The MNO is seeking volunteers for a native bat monitoring program.

Volunteer Project 

  • The MNO Bat Monitoring Program is a 2-year pilot community science program for MNO citizens to help monitor endangered bat species. There are eight bat species present in Ontario, and of these eight species, four are endangered, with another two that may soon be considered endangered under the Species at Risk Act.
  • Monitoring will occur around late May through to early September. 
  • Volunteers set up an acoustic bat monitoring unit on a tree, fence, flagpole or similar structure at their home.
  • The device is left outside for four days, and once completed, citizens will send it to the next volunteer. 
  • Training and materials are developed in partnership with the Toronto Zoo and will be provided to all participants.
  • The data collected will be shared with the Toronto Zoo’s Native Bat Conservation Program to help advance research and conservation efforts for endangered bat species in Ontario. 

At the end of each year, there will be a virtual event to report detected bat species to participants. All volunteers will receive a $25 gas gift card (or similar) for participating.

To volunteer, send an email expressing your interest in participating in the bat monitoring program to and note what town you live in. 

Space is limited!