Submitted by BSTAIP Interns

bstaip3Dale Kauzlarick trains BSTAIP interns concerning the details of contract law
and ethics.
The week of February 21-25 was important to the interns enrolled in the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Building Systems Technical Advisor Internship Program (BSTAIP). The BSTAIP students participated in a one week seminar led by Dale Kauzlarick, a carpenter by trade, who teaches Contracts, Laws and Ethics at Confederation College, and has been a developer of multiplex buildings and residential sub-divisions in a construction business.

Based in Thunder Bay, the purpose of BSTAIP is to develop a workforce of highly skilled building inspection and energy conservation advisors that will be leaders in the current trends influencing housing, so, Dale provided very useful information to the BSTAIP interns.

In a series of two hour classes, Dale drew on his personal experience to explain how the Canadian court system works in relationship to housing. He also defined pertinent legal terms used in the contract process. Several components of a legal “contract” were explained including:
Elements required making a contract legal.

  • Essential terms of a contract.
  • Rejection of a contract.
  • Acceptance of a contract.
  • “Good Faith” negotiations.
  • Procurement Process (tenders).

Dale also touched base on the practice of environmental audits. He explained the background behind such audits and explained the related procedures. Overall Dale made a very positive impression on the interns. “Mr. Kauzlarick has given us insight on the contract process,” explained BSTAIP intern, Gillies Martineau, “and what the key components to a Contract are, along with Definitions to legal terms when dealing with Contract Law.”