April 16, 2024; Ottawa, ON – Today’s Budget includes some important investments including $30 million over five years for the Métis Capital Corporations and $60 million for Métis communities to accelerate work to narrow housing and infrastructure gaps. But there remain critical gaps in essential services such as health care, justice services and emergency management.

“We are encouraged by the Government of Canada’s renewed commitment to work in partnership with our Métis government,” stated MNO President Margaret Froh. “This budget reflects a step forward in addressing economic reconciliation for Métis, but there is still more to do.”

Budget 2024 makes no specific provision for Métis-targeted health initiatives or emergency preparedness and response funding. These omissions are critical as Métis citizens continue to navigate the challenges posed by insufficient access to healthcare in addition to higher prevalence of cancer and other chronic diseases. Métis communities also disproportionately face an escalating severity of natural disasters due to climate change, which the government failed to address.

“We appreciate the government’s efforts in economic empowerment,” President Froh stated. “It remains imperative that the Government of Canada take a more inclusive approach to addressing the needs facing our people. Métis healthcare remains underfunded and increasing threats from climate change disproportionately impact our communities. We look forward to these issues being addressed through our Permanent Bilateral Mechanism.”

The MNO remains committed to furthering the nation-to-nation, government-to-government relationship with the Government of Canada. The MNO looks forward to more inclusive and sustainable funding arrangements in future fiscal policies.

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